Hello, my name is Kim! I’m a creative photographer, ESL Teacher, and lifestyle blogger living in the USA.

I’m honored to meet you. I look forward to sharing with you ideas that make your life easier, products that are useful, and valuable knowledge that can help you learn, grow, and succeed in reaching your goals in life, photography, travel, and business.

Who am I?

I’m a wife and busy mother of three, and a chronic autoimmune gal, so I know what it’s like running on fumes and falling flat on my face. No matter the challenges, I keep moving forward (even if it’s baby steps). I’m all about creativity, inspiration, encouragement, and learning how to stay balanced through it all. You got to keep trying, you got to keep moving, and you got to keep going to reach your goals/dreams. And that’s how “Starfish Wish” was born; a place to share my journey and the things I find to be helpful. I hope that it may be a blessing to you.

Why did I start a blog?

I love encouraging and mentoring people and sharing helpful resources and information. I have been blessed by others, who have taken the time to share their knowledge, resources, and products with me. Some amazing opportunities come my way, due to this. I want to do the same for others. I hope it can bless you too!

What are my hobbies and interests?

I’m crazy passionate about photography and I’m always taking pictures and striving to capture the moment in an artistic way. (It drives my kids nuts! -Score one for Mom!) I am usually talking, teaching, or pursuing a creative project or idea in this field. Photography is a dear love of mine! I am always happy to talk about it and explore its many interesting layers.

I’m also a self proclaimed K-drama, (Korean Drama), addict and am learning Korean so that I can speak and understand the language. My dream is to visit South Korean one day.

Travel is special to my heart. I love to travel, as much as possible, and I believe it is essential to take those trips with your family, friends, and self to refill your cup, explore, and learn about not only the world we live in, but ourselves. I have always encouraged my children to travel as much as possible. I love the motto, “Make memories, leave footprints in the sand.”

And speaking of sand, if you hang around me long enough, you will find that I love all things coastal. The sand, the sea, just like Moana, “It calls to me.” I love finding trinkets from the sea, and costal related decor to sprinkle around my home. (Don’t worry, I’ll share some of my favorite finds with you). It is my dearest wish to live near the seashore one day. Hence the name, “Starfish Wish”.

What is your mission?

I’m just one Starfish in a vast sea. I may not make be able to help millions, with my time, energy, and efforts here, but for those who are reading these words right now, I hope I can help, encourage, and inspire you in some big or small way by sharing my journey with you.

Blessings, Light, and Love!